Instant Turf  Fully supervised site visits at no charge.

Instant Turf   We grow our own instant turf.

Instant Turf  Hydroseeding.

Instant Turf  VAT, WCA, BEE, UIF registered and rated.

Instant Turf  We serve the general public, domestic homes, and small customers.

Instant Turf  We supply kikuyu, cynodon, buffalo and berea grass.

Instant Turf  Final raking, fertilizing, laying and rolling of grass.

Instant Turf  Vetiver grass supplier.

Instant Turf  We serve all areas in South Africa.

Instant Turf  We offer monthly maintenance.

Instant Turf  Suppliers of Compost, & Mulch- in bags or in bulk

Instant Turf  Compost and chicken litter.

Instant Turf  Agapanthus supplier.

Instant Turf  Suppliers of all grass seed varieties and seed mixes- in small or large quantities.

Instant Turf  Maintenance and clearing.

Instant Turf

Everyday domestic clients:

complexes,durban complexes, individual homes, sportsfields around kzn. South coast north coast, the midlands. Golf courses, race tracks and factories.

Instant Turf

Monthly maintenance (ongoing):

Sebs factory site, freys food brands.

Instant Turf

Suppliers of all grass seed varieties and seed mixes- in small or large quantities.

Instant Turf

Market overview:

This product is currently sold to developers, the roads department, civil contractors; landscapers and a huge domestic market. We also supply for collection.

Instant Turf

Distribution channels:

We will deliver the turf using all our own transport. See vehicle lists. As we have our own transport in place we are not dependent on sub-contractors so reliability is not affected.

Instant Turf

Plan of operation:

Water supply - water supply certificate encl

We pump water from our own dam and have access to the dam on the adjoining farm as well. Our eskom pump is solely for the irrigation. The farm has two separate Eskom power points as well as a generator. All the sprinklers, sprinkler heads and piping are our own.

We intend to manage our exisitng resources well and grow as we have done in previous years. Our reputation and our service will continue to grow as we carry out all our commitments.


Barker Farm,
District Road 234,
Monday-Saturday: 7am to 3pm
Sunday: Closed